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What do wedding flowers cost?

What do wedding flowers cost?

Wedding flowers can be one of the most beautiful parts of the wedding day. I've had the pleasure of working with many brides and families, to make their special day exceptionally beautiful, memorable and colorful. We love coming up with artful and unique approaches to arrangements, bouquets and installations that will be remembered by guests for years to come.

One of the most frequent questions we get from brides is, understandably, "how much is this going to cost?" Not surprisingly, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. So much of the floral cost depends on the specific varieties of flowers used and the scale of the event. We thought that we would offer a few tips and tricks, to help you better understand the average cost of wedding flowers and how to save without compromising style.

Mix high & low.

It's amazing what a few specialty florals (think peonies, parrot tulips, anemones!) can do when mixed with more common, everyday varieties like standard roses, carnations and daisies. The high/low mix ends up looking layered and chic, taking the arrangement from ordinary to interesting and unique.

Use filler & greenery.

We love using lots of mixed, textural greenery in our designs. We also love incorporating things like grasses, pods, branches and even weeds! When greens and grasses are complimented with a few expensive, coveted flowers like a David Austin rose, the whole look becomes effortless and high-end.

Remember candlelight.

Not every table needs to have flowers! Alternating between tables with gorgeous arrangements and clusters of candles, you can create an elegant and romantic atmosphere, while saving on cost. Linens and glassware can also be details that add to the overall design without breaking the budget on florals.

Think about multi-use.

There are many places to reuse the ceremony flowers at the reception. For instance, if you've used large floral urns at the altar, they can be moved to either side of the stage flanking the band, or even the escort table, or the bar. Transferring bridesmaids bouquets to vases for spots like cookie tables or lounge areas can be another great way to leverage budget.

Get creative.

There are ways to make a big impact without a big budget. Single variety arrangements or towering branches like cherry blossoms or forsythia make striking statements as centerpieces. One or two "wow" moments like a floral wall or hanging garden installation can be a floral home run. Clusters of potted plants can make fun and inexpensive centerpieces that guests can take home with them as favors. Thinking seasonally is always smart. Getting peonies in January, vs. May or June, can be twice the price.

Ultimately, we want the planning process to be fun and enjoyable. For us, working with different ideas and visions is what keeps us expanding creativity and new ways of doing things. Here is what couples can expect certain floral items to cost, because we know people want to see real numbers on paper!

 Average costs of wedding flowers:

  • BRIDAL BOUQUET $150-$350
  • BOUTONNIERE $15-$25
  • WRIST CORSAGE $40-80
  • FLOWER CROWN $25-$85
  • ALTAR FLOWERS $300-$600
  • CAKE FLOWERS $45-$125

 As for how this whole process works, we typically receive an inbound email or call from a bride or wedding planner. We then send out a basic wedding questionnaire, and have a 30-60 minute call from which we can craft a comprehensive floral proposal. That proposal includes a description of the overall floral aesthetic, varieties of flowers we plan to use and an itemized budget. Once a proposal is approved, a deposit is made and the date is confirmed on our calendar. An in-person or virtual design consultation takes place to see the venue, go over details and provide a sample floral arrangement.

We hope that this helps as you think about wedding florals. We, of course, would love to hear from you!

Happy planning!

Anne & the Fox and the Fleur team