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Olive Mud Mask
Olive Mud Mask

Olive Mud Mask

Wonder Valley found gold hiding in plain sight. The extremely fine olive pulp is separated from extra virgin olive oil is an overlooked byproduct of the annual harvest, brimming with antioxidants and healing properties. This rare olive pulp has been melded with mineral clays to create a detoxifying face mask with the dual benefits of extracting impurities and pollutants while adding hydration. The result: incomparably softer skin and a revived, clear complexion.

Limited Production

For every 50 tons of olives pressed only about 5 gallons of this proprietary olive pulp is available. Like Wonder Valleys olive oil harvest this unique skincare product is produced only once a year.

Wonder Valley is a world where health is a priority and Olive Oil reigns supreme. All of the olive oil is certified extra virgin grade, the skincare ingredients are clean, potent, and plant-based and the packaging is as sustainable as possible with a goal of minimal to no plastic. They mindfully source raw ingredients from suppliers with clean practices and of the highest quality all over the world. All goods are made in collaboration with skilled craftsmen and in small-batch production.