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The Promise of Spring

The Promise of Spring

I've been gazing out my window lately, into the garden, and back into myself. The green buds poking out of the ground have been a welcome and comforting reminder that my garden is emerging again. Just like last year. Just like next year. Despite the cold winter, the freezing and thawing, the disturbance of heavy footsteps, it emerges again.

I have been feeling a bit like this lately. An internal chill, freezing and thawing, trodden with heavy footsteps. Stuck inside my home and my head. Wondering if I will emerge again, despite these trying circumstances. I'm finding it hard to focus, or tap into my creative spirit. Are you in there?

But like my garden, I'm destined and determined to push through the dirt, however trampled and trodden. Just below the surface there is still the promise of spring! Of stretching limbs out wide toward the sky and blooming again.

Perhaps it's not coincidental that the earth is showing us this right now. Performing it's spring dance for us to humbly bear witness. Displaying ethereal beauty, despite pain and isolation. Promising that life is cyclical, and though unpredictable, that nature is always on time. It is a meditation, this observation. One that grows a comforting, familiar feeling of gratitude and hope.

The flower of consciousness needs the mud out of which it grows.

—Eckhart Tolle